Wapixir Plarform alpha

The first GraphQL API Manager

Wapixir, not your run-of-the-mill API Manager

  • Manage your data
  • Share exactly what you want and expand your business faster than ever
  • Protect yourself from unauthorized request
  • Develop new opportunities and monetize them
  • Connect to startups & partners faster than ever
  • Document your APIs automatically
  • Track & monitor API activity
  • Mock everything and open up to new partnership opportunities
In a nutshell, Wapixir is what you've needed all along!
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Wapixir, an API Manager at its best

Manage, secure and share your data with an API Manager that uses technology designed for fault tolerance and high availability.

See here who uses Erlang / Elixir.

Evolve to GraphQL

We focus on colaboration

  • Be part of a living, breathing ecosystem. Your changes are instantly shared with your entire team as they happen.
  • As a collaborative platform, we aim to empower users to:
    • build intuitive APIs
    • share them with whoever they want
    • discover APIs built by Wapixir users
  • Improve developer experience of your consumer to grow your business
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api-manager image

Get started now

GraphQL is the next API standard that everyone wants to use. Using Wapixir, you’ll jump right into that stack easily. Deploy your first API in about 10 minutes.

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