Objects are a way to model how you want to represent your company’s data structure. They will also define the GraphQL schema of your gateways. Each object contains fields that can either be primitives (also known as scalar) or complex fields.

Primitive fields can be of type float, string, integer or boolean.

Complex fields, on the other hand, are other objects. For example, a product can have comments that in turn contain a title, body, and user.

Picture the following objects :


  • id : integer
  • name : string
  • price : integer
  • comments : [comment]


  • id: integer
  • title: string
  • body: string
  • product_id: integer
  • product: product

A kind between brackets like [comment] means it a list of the specified type, in our case a list of comment.

We can suppose objects like the following 2:



The resolver field will be explained in the Resolver section.