Tutorial - Create a Resolver

The resolver is used to link data from one source to another. It can be from Object to your local DB or Object to a data source.

The resolvers can be created in 2 ways :

  • In a specific Object under “Linked elements”
    • By creating from the Object page, the object field in the next page will automatically be filled in


  • In a specific Source under “Linked elements”
    • By creating from the Source page, the source field in the next page will automatically be filled in


When ready, create the Resolvers. you will be redirected to the New Resolvers Page.


Fill in the information :

  • Name of the Resolver (the name CANNOT be modified once created)
  • Dataset (Unique or Multiple)
  • Object to link to
  • Source from which the data will come from

You’ll also notice that at the very bottom of the page, you’ll have a summary of the Object fields.

Once you created it by clicking on the Create button, you’ll be redirected to the Resolver page where you need to link the data from the source to the object’s fields.


At the top of the page you’ll find :

  • The object’s name
  • The dataset type
  • Matches button which brings you to the Matchers page
  • Setting in which you can Delete the Resolver

An argument is a parameter that will be mapped to a source’s variable. At this stage, you set the argument by clicking on the Add button beside it. A modal will appear.


In the modal you’ll need to fill in :

  • Name of the argument
  • The type or kind of the argument
  • The source param name (which is created when you create the source)
  • Can it be Null or not?

Once done, click on Create. You’ll be redirected to the Resolver.

Now it is time to link the object to the data source by matching the name of the object fields and the data source using the matcher (middle section). Once done you click on Save, and the result will appear right below in the middle section


When you are done creating all the relations, you are done! The only thing remaining would be to test it out!