Tutorial - Create a source

A source provides information on where to obtain data and how to access it

Once on the Source page, reachable through the “Sources” button on the menu, you’ll find other sources and you’ll have the ability to start creating your own source.


To start, click on the create button, next to Sources.


A modal will appear: (Alpha only, can’t yet after creation)

  • Fill in the name of the source
  • Choose a type


By choosing a type, the modal will be modified and you’ll have to fill in the required fields.

After choosing CSV, you’ll be asked to fill in the Verb, URL & Separator fields:


Once created you’ll be redirected to the source page you just created.


You’ll notice multiple sections.

At the very top, you’ll find

  • Name of the source
  • General: all your source information
  • Linked elements in which you’ll be able to create either the ##resolver or the populator
  • Settings in which you can delete the source

HTTP section is detailed here

And at the very bottom, you’ll find the Preview section.

When clicking on the Try it button, part of the source data will be shown, so you’ll be able to ensure that the query to get the requested information is working properly.

If the file is massive, it’ll take some time to load.


in order to create a source, you need to fill in the HTTP section information as explained here .

Once done, click on the Try It button. If the data is showing, you know that it’s working!

Now we can go to the next step: Creating a Local DB !