Tutorial - Create an Object

Create an object

The first step is to create an object:

In order to create an object, you have to be in a specified project & namespace. Once they’ve been selected, you’ll have access to the Object creation menu item:

Click on the “Create Object” button


Fill in the information (Alpha only, you CANNOT edit the Object once created)

  • Name
  • Description (optional)


Once done, you’ll be redirected to the object page that was just created


At the top of the page you’ll find :

  • The name of the object.
  • 4 tabs, each containing information about the Object
    • Schema in which you’ll find the means of defining your object
    • Linked elements in which you can find the resolvers
    • Statistics in which you find relevant information about the object (Coming soon)
    • Settings in which you can delete the object

In the Schema section of the page, below the object description, you’ll find the ##Field definitions which is explained on the object page.

Create Fields (primitive or otherwise) :

  • Write the name of the field
  • Choose the type of field (float, string, integer, boolean, or complex)
  • Choose if the field is Unique or Multiple
    • Unique: There is only one value (ex.: name - there is only one product name)
    • Multiple: There are multiple values in the field (usually happens when it is a field with a complex type)
  • Click on the submit button to the right

As you can see, the element is added to the bottom of the field list.


Once you are done with adding all the wanted fields, we can move on to the next step: Creating a Source !